Introducing Maine Authors Series

Introducing the Empowering Women Maine Authors Series. Check local listings! Also, view online. Hosted by Executive Producer and Director, “Twinkle” Marie Manning.

Full series set to air in 2023!

Empowering Women’s Maine Authors Series is delighted to feature a diverse selection of Maine’s female authors!! To view full episodes in this limited-series, visit HERE!

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Our episodes line-up includes fiction and non-fiction authors covering such topics as: astrology, women’s safety, coping with loss and grief, addiction recovery, wellness, french heritage, and Hollywood film artistry as well as historical fiction, fantasy and romance:

Author: Tam Veilleux Book: The Energy Almanac.  Website:

Author: Connie Clark (romance author) pen name  Books: Destiny Goddess series; Wild Romance series. Website: 

Author: Sue Humphries  Book: Making a Monster, The First Last Word on 3D MONSTER Design. Website:

Author: Rhea Côté Robbins  Book: down the Plains; Wednesday’s Child;  Heliotrope: French Heritage Women’s Words; and more. Website:

Author: Alison Jones Webb  Book: Second Chances: Addiction and Hope in Our Communities. Website:

Author: Amy Carpenter Book: Be Strong, Be Wise in the Age of #MeToo: The College Student’s Guide to Sexual Safety. Websites:

Author: Susan Casey Book: Rock On: Mining for Joy in the Deep River of Sibling Grief . Website:

Author: Irene Drago  Books: Daughters of Long Reach; The Maine Point. Website: 

Author: Carole Dion Fontaine Book:S.A.I.L. Above the Clouds. Website:

Author: Anne B. Gass Book: We Demand: The Suffrage Road Trip. Website: 

Author: Dr. Wendy Weiger Book: Living Every Season: A Mindful Year in the Maine Woods. Website:

Author: Joanne Lannin Book: Who Let Them In? Pathbreaking Women in Sports Journalism and Finding a Way to Play. Pioneering Women in Sports Journalism. Website:

Author: Deborah K. Shepherd Book: So Happy Together. Website:

And…a special remote interview with romance and fantasy writer: Danielle Bannister! Among her numerous titles (Enigma, Doppelganger, Must Love Coffee, and a steamy novella, The First 100 Kisses to list but a few), she has also co-authored The Hallowed Realms Trilogy with Amy Miles. Visit Danielle’s Website HERE.

Our Empowering Women TV executive producer (and TV for Your Soul Founder), “Twinkle” Marie Manning, stepped in as host for these initial interviews!

Special thanks to Central Maine Media Alliance‘s Mt Blue TV in Farmington, Maine for partnering with us on many of these recordings! (2020-2022) And to the team who put this together, including: André Cormier for recording and editing footage, JP Fortier for recording the first eight Maine-based interviews, Vic Cormier for running cameras, and Carrie Mancini for being our onsite production assistant.

This is a TV for Your Soul production.

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