Ambassador Profiles

Over the years we have had some of the most amazing Empowering Women Ambassadors any organization could hope for. Below is a glimpse at some of our colleagues and friends who have served as event and television producers, content contributors for our books and websites, guidance council members, partners, hosts and more.

Beth Amine

Lana Basatianutti

Tracy Beard

Cynthia Ellis

Charlotte Firth

Pat Hopkins

Fee Johnson

Holly Kingsford

Chew-Hoong Koh

Raquel Leder

Carmen Lohn

Kiana Love

Christine Lucas

“Twinkle” Marie Manning

Melissa McLaughlin

Diane Michael

Carolena Presto

Carley Rodriguez

Suzanne Roth

Jackie Ruka

Suzy Spivey

Melody Stokes


Jillian Vorce

Tia Walker

Maria Wood