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Below is a glimpse at a few of our key Empowering Women projects to choose from. They range from Salon Gatherings and Signature Style events to Retreats, Workshops, Seminars and Concerts. See details for these and more below.

❉ Host a Salon Gathering!

Similar to our Signature Events, these are live-studio-audience gatherings, yet they take place on a much smaller scale. Typically located in the Host’s home (or a friend or sponsor’s home) where more intimate discussions can take place as we explore issues that are deeply meaningful to women. They also include opportunities for networking and can take the shape of a morning coffee-time, afternoon tea-time, cocktail style or fireside chat – each in comfortable settings so all present can relax and connect with each other. Email:

Empowering Women Salon Gatherings and Retreats are more intimate ways to connect.

❉ Host a live-studio-audience Signature Event!

These are the perfect opportunity to engage with your local business and organizations to co-create an event where attendees may interact with show sponsors. Ideally these events take place in theatre-style or conference venues. They can take the shape of panel discussions, speakers series, workshops, concerts and celebrity showcase interviews! Email:

Empowering Women Signature Events can include panel discussions, featured speakers, concerts and celebrity interviews!
Speakers, Interviews, Mingling & Networking: Empowering Women TV Signature Events!!

❉ Host a Concert.

❉ Collaborate with other Women’s Events and Gatherings!

See also, Empowering Women’s participation at Women’s Festivals and Awards Programs!!

Above: Patty DeDominic, Founder of the Women’s Festivals, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Founder of Empowering Women TV and Deborah Hutchison, Founder of Gutsy Gals Inspire Me!

❉ Host a Seminar or Workshop.

❉ Host Empowering Women interviews at local television stations and media centers!

Typically we suggest a minimum season of 6 episodes (and up to 13 episode series) for these to start, yet you can host as many or as few interviews as you wish. Yes, you can choose to do one feature interview OR you can host dozens each and every year! It’s totally up to you 🙂 Email:

Empowering Women TV series being recorded at a local community television station.
Empowering Women through the years: in studio on set and at remote studio locations.

Host VIRTUAL Empowering Women interviews from the comfort of your home studio or office or retreat location.

We can then air these on local TV. Typically we suggest a debut season of 6 episodes for these to start for one-on-one interviews. We are also open to “retreat style” conference shows and seminars. Email:

❉ Host an Empowering Women Retreat or Hat & Scarf Day adventure!

Whether hosting an Empowering Women Retreat themed as an authors or wellness workshop, or embarking on a Hat & Scarf Day adventure to a wildly fun destination such as a Spa, Ranch, Art Exhibit, or other leisure activity, guests and hosts alike enjoy each others company and engage in conversations that reveal the most important things on the hearts and minds of women. These gatherings are documented with photos and minimal videos. Both often feature an interview with a celebrated guest. Email:

Carmen and Marie at Women Wisdom’s Event in San Diego

Whichever Empowering Women production(s) you wish to host, Twinkle and her team will guide you through the step-by-step process and are available to assist with sponsor generation, grant writing, and publicity! Additionally – Empowering Women TV offers many “subtitles” to showcase for your individual show. Some such titles include: Empowering Women Authors; Empowering Women: Body, Mind & Spirit; Empowering Women TV: Female Spiritual Leaders; Empowering Women Artists, Songwriters & Muses. Titles can also be geographical, ie: Empowering Women TV Santa Barbara. And, also, geographical + themed: Empowering Women Nashville Musicians. Truly whatever overarching topic and identifiers that resonates with you, we can title and brand your unique Empowering Women show to suit. Email:

Empowering Women Santa Barbara at the Biltmore waterfront in Montecito

Want to be part of our team, but prefer to focus solely on branding your own work?:

❉ Become a “Segment Host” and feature Your Business and Work in an Empowering Women TV Show! In the link below you will see samples of Maria Wood’s segments where she offers advice that is directly related to her work.

Segment host Marie Wood

❉ Become a “Contributor” and Cover a local women’s event in your community! Is there an International Women’s Day festival, Female Entrepreneur Award Show, or Women Business Owners Convention, etc, etc taking place in your community? We can help you arrange to “cover” that event and capture amazing on-site interviews.

Above pictured: Empowering Women TV coverage at the International Women’s Day Festivals in Santa Barbara!

There are many ways to lift up and support amazing women in your community. We are open to discussing innovative collaborations!