Signature Events

Our Signature Live-Studio-Audience Events take place in Empowering Women Chapters and Hubs at beautiful venues. These events feature  interviews with a notable individuals followed by a networking gathering where our sponsors and attendees interact, authors can sell and sign books, and friendships can be made.

Host Empowering Women Signature Events!  Whether you are an entrepreneur wishing to create another income stream, or a group seeking a creative way to fundraise for the non-profit that is nearest and dearest to your heart,  our Signature events are powerful media platforms to position your message in your community.  We offer all the training, support and supplies you need to create Empowering Women Signature events in your own town or city.

For more information on becoming an Empowering Women TV Ambassador send us an email to Claim Your Empowering Women territory!:


Anita Diamant was our first featured guest at a Signature Live Studio-Audience Event. These events can be at theaters with hundreds or thousands of attendees, or “salon-style” gatherings filmed in one’s home with a select VIP list of guests.


We also host Empowering Women Presents Concerts.  Our first feature concert event was at our Boston-Hub with Anna Huckabee Tull and the Porch Party Mamas!

Alternate Empowering Women Events can be designed as a Speakers Series or Workshops. As well as Retreats and Hat & Scarf Day Adventures!

We are accepting applications for Hosts. Click this link to learn more and to Join Our Team!