Empowering Women is a movement to build community, discuss current women’s issues, and responsively connect resources.
Note: We are actively seeking Producers, Hosts and Event Planners!!!
Empowering Women addresses issues important to women and families via the production of five main methods:
~ Local Community Television Shows
~ Internet Content
~ Print Publications
~ Special Events
~ Membership
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Empowering Women has established two primary coast-to-coast “Hubs“:

Would you like to – or know of someone who deserves to – be featured in Your Town or City?

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We are seeking Producers and Hosts in YOUR TOWN and CITY!

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(760) 889-5428

Check here to see if your town already has a local Producer or Event Planned.
Empowering Women welcomes “Members” globally and seeks “Ambassadors” to contribute content (BLOGS, TV hosting, video messages, event planning, expert advice)
We are actively seeking Producers and Event Planners!!!
We air in many towns and cities: airing locations, reaching millions of households.

Today many women are still struggling to find their place in our world, many are faced with their changing roles from caretaker to professional leadership positions, balancing work and family, navigating the waters of illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, and others are in a headlong battle with financial or domestic abuse situations, often both at the same time. Roadblocks are still present whether in the form of corporate glass ceilings or extreme poverty. And time, the everlasting obstacle to overcome is to carve out sufficient time to handle all the details of one’s life and leave space for oneself to have moments to regroup, reenergize.


Empowering Women recognizes this and provides a forum for important discussions to take place, to delve into current women’s issues, concerns, interests, and any topic that is intimate to a woman’s life.


During a Development Stage hosted in the Boston Region, pilot-type shows and live-studio-audience networking events were filmed featuring topics such as:

~ Nurturing your family

~ Health & Wellness

~ Mindful Parenting

~ The Secret Legacy of Male Depression, and how it affects women and families

~ Self Esteem

~ Personal Empowerment

~ Financial Empowerment

~ Menopause

~ Teen Crisis

~ Bullying

~ The Benefits of Community Service

~ Medical Care

~ Caring for Elderly Parents

~ Empty Nest

~ Building Community

~ Networking

~ Estate Planning

~ Loss of a Mate or loved one

~ Becoming an Entrepreneur

~ Stress Reduction

~ Time Management

~ Yoga & Meditation

~ Dating

~ Retreats

~ Fashion


These shows, videos, events and publications captured the attention of Best Selling Authors, Marketing and Media Experts throughout the USA.