Carole D. Fontaine

Carole Dion Fontaine, author of S.A.I.L. Above the Clouds, was Empowering Women TV’s guest in one of our Maine-based studio for our Authors Series!

Readers live vicariously through Carole’s journey of finding her voice, taking control of her health, and discovering her passion, forgiveness, strength, and empowerment—all while sailing the ocean, diving in caves, swimming with sharks, surviving hurricanes, waking up in a sinking boat, and maneuvering in a meager 41 feet of living space with an unconventional husband and, of course, a dog.

After years of working in the intensive world of commercial graphic design, severe health issues drove her to make drastic lifestyle changes in order to heal herself. Her search for a cure propelled her into the world of holistic health where she learned to successfully maintain a healthy body, and lead a fulfilling life despite chronic issues. Her studies also opened her mind to the importance of healing body, mind, and spirit. She studied holistic and yogic philosophies and learned ways to manage her health. This ignited a passion for teaching and helping people apply simple techniques to live healthier lives and discover their heart’s purpose. Fontaine is a certified Life Coach, who teaches Meditative Writing, Shakti Dance® Yoga (a blend of Mindfulness, Movement, and Meditation), and Reiki at the Master level.


Full episode coming soon!

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