Empowering Women TV

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Above pictured: Empowering Women Boston Panel: Suzy Spivey, Christine Lucas, Chew-Hoong Koh, Carolena Presto and Suzanne Roth at one of our Signature Empowering Women Events.

Empowering Women is a movement to build community, discuss current women’s issues, and responsively connect resources.
Empowering Women addresses issues important to women and families via the production of five main methods:
~ Local Community Television Shows
~ Internet Content
~ Print Publications
~ Special Events
~ Membership
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Empowering Women has established two primary coast-to-coast “Hubs“:
Empowering Women has many chapters emerging, each hosting Signature Empowering Women Live-Studio-Audience Recording + Networking events.
Empowering Women welcomes “Members” globally and seeks “Ambassadors” to contribute content (BLOGS, TV hosting, video messages, event planning, expert advice) and “Key Liaisons” to establish and lead “Chapter Locations.

We are accepting applications for Event Planners , TV Talk Show Hosts and Segment Hosts.  

Email: Productions@TVforYourSoul.com

Feel free to call: 760-889-5428

National and International applicants welcome.