TV For Your Soul

Empowering Women is a project of Marie Manning Productions and TV for Your Soul.


TV For Your Soul works in partnership with distributing stations (Community, PEG, PBS and Network Affiliates, Independent) as well as online networks and venues. The goal of each program is to inspire viewers and encourage them to live their lives fully, embracing their soul purpose and endeavoring to achieve their dreams.

TV For Your Soul is focused on developing transformational programming. Each production gives guests the opportunity to express their feelings on topics they are passionate about and allows them the latitude to move outside of the constraints of traditional media outlets. The goal of each program is to educate and inspire viewers, encouraging them to live their lives fully, embrace their passions and endeavor to achieve their dreams.

Projects include:
Body, Mind & Spirit
Celebrity Charities
Contributions to Earth
Empowering Women
The Goddess Show
The Power of One

Additional productions:

Mindful Parenting

Room of One’s Own

Perspectives on Peace

Wedding Essentials


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