Empowering Women NSB Signature Event March 2023

Thank you to our NSB 2023 Signature Event Sponsors!!!

Featured Guest: Suzy Toronto interviewed by “Twinkle” Marie Manning
Empowering Women NSB – Together We Thrive

Here are some video excerpts from the Event:

Empowering Women’s inaugural New Smyrna Beach event took place on Wednesday, March 29th at the Brannon Center!

Suzy Toronto is our featured celebrity guest interview! She is a best-selling artist and writer. Her distinctive artwork and inspiring words celebrate life, family, and the special bond between friends. Her signature drawings can also be found on her popular line of greeting cards, as well on calendars, bookmarks, magnets, and a variety of other gift items. For more information about Suzy, and to see her amazing array of products, visit her website: https://suzytoronto.com

Jodi Hinkle is a business strategist and personal transformational leader and founder of HerQuest Experiences, where women discover and remove the perceived limitation in their lives. Jodi prioritizes her desire to seek endless personal growth by deliberately stretching outside her comfort zone and spending time with others who are also in love with life. The HerQuest Service Lines include: Creating Affinity with the Life You Want, Individual Coaching, Experiential Workshops & Retreats, Solo-Guided-Self Discovery Journeys and Business by Design Furthering Your Purpose with Strategic Business Development. Jodi’s website: https://herquest.net

Teresa Rand is the Founder of The Boss Lady Women’s Leadership Community. She is a former Chair of the Daytona Beach Chamber of Commerce, former Executive Director of the YMCA(more than 30 years with the YMCA). Teresa hosts the annual Women’s Leadership Conference in September in Daytona. Teresa’s website: https://www.teresarandconsulting.com/bosslady

Joanna Rajendran is a renowned Keynote Speaker, Mindset Master, Meditation Expert, Coach, Author, and Spiritual Badass. Joanna spent 26 years studying with, learning from, and assisting Master Teacher Tao Porchon-Lynch. She shares the lessons she learned in the must-read book My Guru Wears Heels and spends her time inspiring as many people as possible to live their BEST.LIFE.EVER. through her coaching, retreats and speaking engagements. Joanna’s website: https://www.joannarajendran.com

Delicia M. Haynes, M.D. is a bestselling author of The Dawn: A Roadmap to Finding a Light In Your Darkest Hour and the Daybreakers Inspirational Planning Journal. She is an international speaker, award winning business coach and founder and CEO of Family First Health Center, an integrative membership-based family medicine clinic in Daytona Beach, Florida. Considered a “trailblazer” in the medical community, Dr. Haynes founded the first direct primary care clinic in Volusia and Flagler counties as part of her mission to make healthcare more accessible and advocate for the sacredness of the doctor-patient relationship.  www.DaybreakersPlanner.com

Tanya Kowalski is the founder of SilkenPure. Silken Pure makes pillowcases, sleep masks and robes and more from 100% pure Mulberry Silk. She is also an occupational therapist with education and experience of both biomechanical science and psychosocial training. She focuses on messages of kindness, a natural approach to self care and creates a culture of giving. Tanya’s website: https://silkenpure.com

“Twinkle” Marie Manning is the Host of the Empowering Women Signature Event in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. Twinkle is the founder of TV for Your Soul and executive producer of the Empowering Women program. She has more than two decades experience in television production, event planning and nonprofit leadership.

Special Thanks to Marriah Soldevilla Photography!!

Melusine’s Haven was the fiscal sponsor for this event.

Melusine’s Haven is a non-profit organization that facilitates and promotes in-person and online educational and transformational female-centered gatherings: retreats, workshops, seminars, listening sessions and other events, through a network of independent and collaborative affiliates. Through programs and resources, its purpose is to inspire and empower women and girls to make a priority of renewing their bodies, minds and spirits, so they can live healthier, happier more peaceful and compassionate lives. For more information about Melusine’s Haven, visit: http://melusineshaven.org

Our program is filled with details about our panelists and special guest, as well as our sponsors and gratitude to those who made this event possible! Click below to view or download:

Join us in for our next Empowering Women Event in New Smyrna Beach!! Stay tuned for details: Empowering Women NSB Event!