Suzy Toronto

Suzy Toronto is our featured celebrity guest interview during our inaugural Empowering Women NSB event in New Smyrna Beach, Florida in March of 2023! Suzy is a best-selling artist and writer. Her distinctive artwork and inspiring words celebrate life, family, and the special bond between friends. Her signature drawings can also be found on her popular line of greeting cards, as well on calendars, bookmarks, magnets, and a variety of other gift items. For more information about Suzy, and to see her amazing array of products, visit her website:

Throughout the interview, Suzy Toronto shared openly personal aspects of her story that endeared our audience to her. She provided both inspiration and road map for all in the wake of devastating news. Suzy has an uncanny ability to positively pivot both her perspective and her path, channeling her artistic talents, meeting what Life presents with Grace and Gratitude. (Interview hosted by award-winning television producer: “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Executive Producer of TVforYourSoul’s Empowering Women project)