Invitation to be an Empowering Women TV Event Organizer!

You are invited to join Empowering Women TV as an Event Organizer.

The Empowering Women TV Signature Events platform is essentially where a live-studio-audience-television-event meets a mini-trade show! Many have compared these events to TEDx style formats, and, certainly if you have been a TEDx host, you already have all the experience needed to be a successful Empowering Women TV Event Organizer.

Likewise if you have organized events for your Chamber of Commerce, Junior League, Rotary or Kiwanis Club. If you’ve planned a golf tournament or charity ball, and any event which included sponsors + attendees, you have the experienced needed to plan a successful Empowering Women Event. We would love to welcome you aboard our Team of Organizers!

If you would like to bring the Empowering Women Signature Event experience to your community, CLICK HERE for the Application Page.

(Frequently Asked Questions):

Can the Event Organizer also serve as HOST for the interviews and panel discussions?

Absolutely! Many of our Empowering Women Event Organizers signed up to be part of our team because they desired to Host the conversations. 

How much does it cost to become an Empowering Women Event Organizer?

There is a one time fee of $597.00 (includes initial business cards, access to a self-guided planning guide for Empowering Women projects/events/programs, as well as dedicated website pages for you and your events).  After that, when Team Members facilitate an Empowering Women Event or Program, 25% of income from local sponsors and attendees goes to Empowering Women’s parent company: TV for Your Soul

Can you clarify, how much do Event Organizers earn from their events?

Event Organizers keep 75% of the income from their local events. They may donate those funds to the charity of their choice, or keep it as revenue for their own entrepreneurial endeavors.

Are there any hidden fees or extra costs I should be aware of?

Event Organizers/Hosts are independent contractors and as such have autonomy over their finances, including the design and purchase of marketing and promotional products. Through the Event Organizers portal, you may purchase “Empowering Women Organizer Kits” and other à la carte products at anytime directly from TV for Your Soul, but is not mandatory. Hosts will be provided with digital assets (including templates and specs to ensure consistent branding) in the Planning Guides they can use to create their own promotional materials locally.

I work well independently, yet I long to be part of a team. Is there a way to connect with other Empowering Women Event Organizers?

Yes! Empowering Women Event Organizers are all invited to participate in “Tuesday’s with ‘Twinkle’” – a Weekly Call via Zoom – typically Tuesdays at 1PM Eastern – where our Founder and Executive Producer, “Twinkle” Marie Manning is present to answer questions and where the hosts can ask for guidance, network and share triumphs together. Twinkle often has guest speakers and colleagues on the call to offer their expertise and advice as well.

Empowering Women also hosts an Annual Team Retreat our Event Organizers are welcome to attend.

Additionally, we encourage Empowering Women Team Members who reside in close proximity to each other to arrange to get together in person, such as a monthly brunch/networking gatherings, as well as to support each other by volunteering at each other’s events. Should you wish to participate in such, just ask and we will help coordinate it.

I have never been part of a television production before, what skills do I need?

Some of our Event Organizers are in fact Television Producers. This is great, but not a perquisite. 

The primary skills needed are the same as organizing any community and/or fundraising event: having a friendly, outgoing personality, enjoying networking, great communication skills and attention to detail. 

There are five primary tasks involved with facilitating an Empowering Women Event: 

  • Scheduling (the location, special guests, panelists and volunteers); 
  • Enrolling sponsors and vendors; 
  • Publicizing the event to ensure it is well attended;
  • Capturing the event via high quality video footage and photos;
  • Communicating with the media and all participants pre and post-event.

Event Organizers may outsource the aspects of the event they wish to delegate to volunteers or business partners (television production, photography, marketing, publicity, emcee, interviewing hosts, etc).

How many people attend Empowering Women events?

Empowering Women Signature Events typically have a minimum of 100 attendees, yet could have several hundred. Some of our Event Organizers have considered coordinating even larger events, and that is certainly possible and we are happy to help offer guidance to achieve such.

Whereas we encourage between only 15-50 max attendees for the Empowering Women Salon Style Gatherings which are designed to be more intimate gatherings.

Can I have a combo of a Signature Event with a Concert?

Absolutely! The planning for each style event is identical! This is true, as well, if you wanted to have live music with a Salon Style gathering. Creatively weaving together the aspects you most wish to include in your event will enhance the draw for attendees to come as well as be in alignment with the Empowering Women and TV for Your Soul brands. 

Can I promote my personal business or venture during the Empowering Women event I organize?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to do just so. The Empowering Women platform is the ideal setting for female business owners, entrepreneurs, authors and artists to showcase their own work alongside the work and wisdom of the guests and sponsors. This is also true if there is a nonprofit that is near and dear to your heart that you wish to honor by including them in the event.

I have a friend in another city/country who would be PERFECT as an Empowering Women Event Organizer? How can I help her join the team?

Empowering Women hosts a Monthly POTENTIAL EVENT ORGANIZER Call – the First Tuesday of the Month 2:15pm Eastern. Invite your friend to attend and join the call with her!

Enjoy all Empowering Women TV + TV for Your Soul Events have to offer!!!

If you have additional questions, please email: