Weekly Tuesdays with Twinkle calls

Empowering Women TV Hosts and Producers meet weekly on Tuesday mornings (11:00AM-11:30AM EST/EDT). These 30 minute video calls will be an opportunity to check in with each other as Empowering Women TV colleagues who are facilitating programs in various settings, including: Community Television Studios, Large Audience Signature Events, Salon Gatherings, Fireside Chats and Hat & Scarf Day adventures! During our calls, we share ideas and gain insights about best practices, as well as talk about upcoming guests, sponsor generation, themes and training tips.  To RSVP and receive Zoom link, email: TwinkleManning@gmail.com

((If you have found this page and are not yet an Empowering Women producer or host, and wish to join our team, please email: TwinkleManning@gmail.com