Halé Sofia Schatz

Halé Sofia Schatz bw

Halé Sofia Schatz was one of our first guests on Empowering Women.  She is the author of  If the Buddha Came to Dinner:
How to Nourish Your Body to Awaken Your Spirit.

During her interview she discussed the impact of nourishing our families; a stirring conversation around the question: Is what we put on the table a reflection
of how we feel about our children?

Halé is a nourishment educator and consultant, who has focused on cultivating the essential correlation between nourishment, health, and spiritual awareness for over 40 years. With a degree in psychology and training in both Eastern and Western approaches to health, nutrition, and well-being, Halé offers a multi-disciplinary perspective that respects the individual’s unique needs. Halé’s lifelong inquiry into diverse spiritual practices has led her to discover methods for accessing our innate spiritual wisdom through the daily practice of nourishing ourselves. Her unique approach to food, health, and healing is a synthesis of Mediterranean and Asian influences. She has traveled extensively in those regions of the world, and has learned from traditional peoples as well as master chefs and practitioners.

Although her private practice is located near Boston, Massachusetts, her clientele extends nationally and internationally. In addition to working with individuals, Halé presents her work in diverse settings, offering programs for women, parents, yoga and retreat centers, as well as seminars for corporations and colleges. Due to the demand for her work, she also offers an intensive training program for aspiring nourishment educators and consultants.

Halé is deeply committed to educating parents in the importance of developing life-long patterns for health, awareness, and well-being in their families. She has collaborated with the Obesity Program, Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, on integrating nourishment practices into family life.

Please note: Halé will be on sabbatical from teaching public programs in 2014. She will be continuing her individual consultations in person or via Skype. 


Excerpt of Empowering Women Panel interview with Halé: