Abby Seixas

abby seixas bw

Abby Seixas, Author of Finding the Deep River Within, was one of our first special guest interviews at our Boston-Hub studio.  She graciously gave of her time as our Empowering Women team began our collective walk down this path to creating what has now become an Empowering Women Movement.  It is with great reverence that we honor Abby’s contribution to our early days of visualizing our Empowering Women project.

The topic focused on during her interview with our full Boston-Hub panel was: Self Awareness and Balance – Know Yourself.  We look forward to having her on the show again as well as appearances at upcoming flagship events.

Abby is a psychotherapist, author and speaker specializing in issues of life balance. She offers workshops, retreats and individualized coaching as well as her popular “Deep River”™ groups.  Her television appearances include NBC’s The Today Show and the Hallmark Channel and her work has been featured in O – The Oprah Magazine, Self,Woman’s Day, Fitness, Body & Soul, and The Boston Globe.

Abby has spoken to women and mixed audiences from Maine to California about work/life balance, self-care, and how to live a soulful life in a speed-obsessed world. She has been in the mental health field for more than thirty years and has been a clinical psychotherapy trainer and supervisor at training centers in the United States and abroad, including England, the Netherlands and Russia.  She is the mother of two grown children and lives with her husband outside Boston, Massachusetts.