Maria Wood

Maria Wood BOSTON


Maria Wood is one of our founding Ambassadors and Segment Hosts for Empowering Women and our Boston-Hub. She is the Founder of Fashion Focus: a way of life and a path to self-discovery that instills self-esteem in its students.  Maria strives to inspire women of all ages to discover the beauty of self-confidence.    Classes include poise, posture and confidence, skin care, manners, social etiquette, positive body image, personal grooming, public speaking, nutrition, exercise and so much more. Modeling techniques are taught as a way to reinforce the students’ poise and posture.  The Boston Globe calls Fashion Focus, “A Pembroke modeling program teaching lessons that are more than skin-deep.”

She has a degree in fashion merchandising from Johnson & Wales University.  Maria combines this with her over 30 years as a professional model and the experience of raising her own three children to share with other young women her personal philosophies regarding the attainment and maintenance of self-esteem and how essential it is to gaining self-confidence.

Maria’s Empowering Women television segments highlight the very lessons she teaches in her classes.