2015 Schedule – International Women’s Day Celebration Santa Barbara


2015 International Women’s Day Program

Butler Event Center, Santa Barbara


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This year’s International Women’s Day event in Santa Barbara is presented by Empowering Women TV, a production of TV for Your Soul.  The event will feature workshops and seminars, exhibitors and a live studio audience recording of Empowering Women television show. The event Producers are Tracy Beard and “Twinkle” Marie Manning. 

Our Dynamic Presenters include:

Lucia De Garcia, Award Winning Author; Karen Frye, EMMY Winning Producer; Tracy Repchuk, Online Marketing and Social Media Strategist; JoAnne Bassett, Royal Alchemist & Couture Natural Perfumer; Svetlana Meritt, Author of Sacred Sites; Beth Amine, Artist and Movement & Dance Coach, Dr. Lucas Chesser of The Wellness Way, Heather Bond of Evolutionary Fitness, Kris Oster, Ph.D, Archetypal Branding Strategist/Mermaid Oracle, and  Tziporah Kingsbury, “America’s Love Guru” as seen on ABC Hit Series The Bachelor.




(8:00AM-9:15AM – Set up)

(9:20AM  – Ingathering Circle – Volunteers, Exhibitors, Presenters and Producers gather together and set intention for the day)


9:30 am  – Doors open to public


9:55 am – (Welcome & Opening)

  • IMG_0595copy Tracy Beard, Producer
  • Twink promo Solana Beach Blue just Twink2“Twinkle” Marie Manning, Producer 



Heather photoHeather Bond, Fitness Expert and former Hollywood Stunt Performer, will be with us throughout the day to help everyone stay refreshed and energized by guiding attendees through movements during brief intermissions between presentations.

Her motto: Move Your Body!  www.HeatherBondNow.com


Beth Amine - Santa Barbara 10:00 am – Beth Amine – (Workshop) – Joyous Movement

Joyous Movement is fun dance fitness for every body. It combines elements of dance, stretching and yoga, cardiovascular fitness and body awareness in a non-injurious and fun workout that is adaptable for anyone. Beth is a multi-talented Artist, Teacher and Dance Instructor.  She will launch us into the celebration of International Women’s Day by leading attendees through her “Joyous Movements” workshop. Joyous Movement programs  have been designed for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia  as well as independent living seniors. The presentation we will be doing today is for any level of fitness. Beth is also one of our key Hosts of Empowering Women TV in Santa Barbara!



svetlana headshot10:40 am – Svetlana Meritt – (Talk) – Feminine Wisdom in Action: Remarkable Women in the Ancient and Medieval World

This presentation honors five extraordinary women who made outstanding contributions despite living in the male-dominated world: The philosopher and mathematician Hypatia of Alexandria; the Byzantine empress Theodora; Hildegard Von Bingen, a writer, composer, mystic, and polymath; Eleanor of Aquitaine, the Queen of France and England; and Christine de Pizane, the first professional woman writer in the Middle Ages.  

Svetlana is the Author of “Meet Me in the Underworld: How 77 Sacred Sites, 770 Cappuccinos, and 26,000 Miles Led Me to My Soul.”  She traveled the globe for ten years on a journey of self-discovery and mystical adventure. 



JoAnne Bassett  photo of me2xy 11:10 am – JoAnne Basset (Talk) – Natural Perfumes to Enhance Your Well Being

During her talk, JoAnne explains why she works exclusively with essential oils and absolutes, what synthetic chemicals are contained in department perfumes, such as petrochemicals that cause hormone imbalances, asthma and skin conditions, and she will detail the benefits of natural perfumes including leading to feel vibrant living , reduced stress, balanced hormones, increased confidence and self esteem.  She explains the science of her work and gives a peek at the magic of her alchemy process. This experiential presentation will help women honor their inner and outer beauty. 

JoAnne is a Couture Natural Perfumer.  She has a royal lineage as an alchemist.




11:40 am – Heather Bond – (Movement) – Move Your Body!



Lucia headshot 11:45 am – Lucia De Garcia – (Talk) – Building Bridges of Understanding – A Quest for Unity and Peace. Lucia will share aspects of her life story, the love for humanity, and promoting multicultural leadership for peace and mutual understanding building bridges among nations and communities.   this presentation defines with certainty the benefits of creating an inclusive, collaborative and interdependent society.  Making this world a better place by following on the legacy of all the women that came before us to inspire the emerging women of today.  To bring a message of compassion, tolerance, a quest for unity, justice and peace.   

Lucia is an International Award Winning Author, Laureate Poet, and Social Innovator.  She will speak about Building Bridges of Understanding and Creating Unity and Peace Amongst Cultures.





12:15 PM – 1:00PM – Lunch Break and “Back Stage Interviews”

((Ask our team at the Registration table for suggestions for nearby food locations to meet your needs))


Sirens photo 1:00 pm – Sirens of the Sapphire Moon – (Performance)

Sirens of the Sapphire Moon is a Santa Barbara-based drum and dance troupe which performs World Fusion music and dance.  Today we are joined Kris Oster, Jo Williams and Laurel Thomas. Combining Middle Eastern, African, Flamenco Rhythms and more, this trio from the troupe will enrapture and exhilarate the audience.  Be sure to come back from lunch in time to watch this performance!



DR_Lucas-1 cropped 1:15PM – Dr. Lucas Chesser – (Talk) – Thyroid: The Untold Story

During this intriguing presentation, Dr. Lucas focuses on critical information to those experiencing symptoms includes fatigue, brain fog, weight gain and depression.  The primary culprit? Here’s a hint: it’s a small gland in your neck that controls almost your entire metabolism. It’s your thyroid gland, and it’s the most common endocrine disorder exceeding diabetes by 40%!  If not tested properly, doctors can overlook some very important clues that would help bring those suffering back to health. Join Dr. Lucas for a special sneak peak at the content of our free March 31st launch event and learn how to improve your health naturally. There is hope!

Dr. Lucas owns The Wellness Center of Santa Barbara.  He helps clients with Hormonal Imbalances, Thyroid Disorders, GI/Digestive Issues, Food Allergies, Autism, Infertility, Chiropractic, Detoxification, and more with a functional medicine approach!




 tracynewdbg 1:45PM – Tracy Repchuk – (Talk) – Technology and You

 Online marketing and social media strategist, 7-time International Best selling Author and trusted TV resource, Tracy Repchuk will show you how to use technology as a catalyst to your message and avoid the pitfalls of confusion, overwhelm and frustration.




2:15 pm – Heather Bond – (Movement) – Move Your Body!



Karen Frye Headshot 2:20 pm – Karen Mulzac-Frye – (Talk) – Develop, Thrive & Prosper

This inspirational talk invites attendees to see what happens when you take those turtle steps outside your comforts zone, listen, be still and create.  Her philosophy of “Create YOU” (CU) is the foundation from which she encourages that circumstances can turn towards to a world of hope, love, strength, survival, fear and love again. Karen is an Inspirational Speaker, Author, Artist, and Emmy Award Winning Producer.



Kris headshot 2:50 pm – Kris Oster, Ph.D – (Reading) – Angels Who Carry Us.  A True Story

Kris has recently been published in the anthology, “Women of Spirit: Exploring Sacred Paths of Wisdom Keepers.”  She will read an excerpt at this International Women’s Day event, that is certain to astonish the audience!  Kris is an Archetypal Branding Strategist,Biz Pleasurist, Mermaid Oracle, and Soon-to-be Author who weaves the intoxicating parts of the mind & mythology, swirled with full-body pleasure, and turn it into powerful & proven strategies to help clients gain more visibility, customers and revenue. Kris has 20 years in marketing and web development for companies the likes of E!, Paramount Pictures, Disney and Citrix Online.  She enables her clients to prosper in business while standing strong in their true identity.  


Tziporah crop 3:00 pm – Tziporah Kingsbury – (Workshop) – Awakening Intimacy

Recognized everywhere she goes, as “The Love Guru” featured on ABC’s The Bachelor, Tziporah (pronounced Tzi-Por-Ah) is an Integrated Breathwork Specialist.  Utilizing this ancient form of connecting with Self, she demonstrates how we can access and experience that wellspring of intimacy that resides within each of us.  By means of this interactive and meditative workshop, Tziporah immerses participants, enabling them to discover love within themselves and with their partners. This unique practice blends the spiritual, sexual, and sensual all in one. www.TziporahIntimacy.com



3:25 pm Live Studio Audience Empowering Women TV Interview



3:45 pm Closing & Thank You.  Final moments of mingling



4:00 pm – 5:00 pm – CLEANUP



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