Anyone can support Empowering Women by becoming a Member. Members will have access to all our online content, including interacting with other members; be eligible for VIP status at events; and receive myriad benefits depending on the level of membership you choose. Essentially, Members are our viewers, readers, event attendees and supporters.

Soon there will be an online portal to enroll. In the meantime, should you wish to be a member of Empowering Women,



Where ever you reside, should you be passionate about women’s empowerment, consider becoming an Empowering Women Ambassador.

As an Ambassador you place yourself at the forefront of women in your community as you represent Empowering Women in collaboration with the work you already do within your own career or business. Empowering Women Ambassadors support our Empowering Women Movement by one or a combination of ways, including:

- serving on the local Empowering Women Guidance Council;

  • submitting our shows to their local community television stations;
  • coordinating events (most popular is our Signature Live-Studio-Audience Events);
  • emceeing events and assisting with presentingRecognition Certificates to honor women in the community;
  • writing articles and press releases;
  • assisting with our social media campaigns;
  • enrolling members and sponsors;
  • casting hosts for local shows.
  • contributing content for the shows or the website

For more information to apply to be one of our Ambassadors, or to establish a Chapter Region click here or email:


Visit this page for additional details.

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