Hat & Scarf Days

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Magnificent gatherings, Fun adventures!
Signature Empowering Women Hat & Scarf Day Adventures are often at a resort, a ranch or retreat, being pampered, enjoying each others company, eating delicious food, and finding treasures. It is a gift. Viewers may email or send post cards to TV for Your Soul to submit an entry to win. And/Or our Empowering Women Hosts may design a Hat & Scarf Day Adventure and invite guests to join them.

Above pictured: Carmen and Twinkle in San Diego on a Hat & Scarf Day Adventure with Women’s Wisdom at Morgan Run Resort

Circa 2003 “Twinkle” Marie Manning and one of her dear friends (Norma) decided to take a break from their busy family/work/fundraising lives. They hopped in the car and drove to Booth Bay Harbor, Maine, spending the day walking in between tiny spots of sunshine on an otherwise very gray day. They took time to pamper themselves, wander in and out of shops, eat yummy food, and talk. Much needed friend-time to connect and ground. They purchased souvenirs for themselves to commemorate their special day: Norma a show-stopping hat; Twinkle a luxurious green scarf. They walked out of the store wearing their new-found treasures. Their smiles were contagious – many driving cars waved their hellos, and passerby’s on the sidewalk stopped to chat with them. Such a renewal of energy. Twinkle coined it their “Hat and Scarf Day” and from that day forward whenever life seemed to be getting heavy (or when it wasn’t and they wanted it to stay that way) they would declare it time for a “Hat and Scarf Day” adventure and off they would go to find some fun and spend time together.
This sentiment of women-bonding is what inspires us to capture these “Hat and Scarf Days” on a larger scale. Introducing them to the many women in the communities we serve with Empowering Women Hubs, Chapters and Charter Regions.
We invite women in these locations to join us as each month we select a few viewers to join our hosts, and often a special surprise guest attends too. 
We will be hosting “Hat and Scarf Days” in many locations. To become one of our Event Hosts, please contact: Productions@TVforYourSoul.com
To attend an event, please visit our event listing page as we regularly update it.
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Please take note: When you see the above version of our Hat & Scarf Days logo,
our Founder “Twinkle” Marie Manning will be present at the gathering!
Special thanks as always to the talented Bree Leman for her illustrations.
As our Empowering Women Movement regions expands, so will our Hat & Scarf locations.
Should you desire to host one of your own – please ask us how to become an “Ambassador Host” of Hat and Scarf days.
Love & Joy & Friendship to All.
Empowering Women Hat & Scarf Adventure at the Biltmore in Santa Barbara