“Twinkle” Marie Manning

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“Twinkle” Marie Manning is the Founder and Executive Producer of our Empowering Women Movement.  She is joined by a growing group of regional casts and production teams.  Together they ensure that each community’s needs are met with the goal of Empowering Women in their region.

She is a freelance writer, editor, non-profit leader,  television and radio talk show host, published poet and author, and the creative force behind   TV For Your Soul, a grassroots television production company dedicated to bringing positive shows to the airwaves.  She was a magazine editor and columnist for many years.

“Twinkle” also works with select clients who have a deep desire to create amazing media content that illuminate their messages.  She uses her twenty years of professional experience combined with innately intuitive skills to draw out the most authentic essence of her clients to shine through on camera, and in her written word.

Twinkle was nominated for the 2014 Gutsy Gal Awards and  was delighted to be presented with her certificate at the International Women’s Festival in Santa Barbara.

In April 2013, Marie presented the first Empowering Women Boston Hub live-studio-audience event featuring Anita Diamant, Author of The Red Tent, in a live studio audience for an interview about the responsibility of women in community.   At that event she was honored with a citation from State Representative Cory Atkins, for her work towards women’s empowerment.

Twinkle spoke on the Expert Media Panel at the Santa Barbara Women’s Festivals in March 2012.  Also in March of that year her story was featured in Life By Me.

In October 2012, Marie brought TEDxWaldenPond to her then home town of Concord, MA.

Twinkle was honored with the 2011 Producer of the Year Award at LexMedia, in the Greater Boston, Massachusetts Area.

She was a PBS affiliate producer and television talk show host and has interviewed a wide variety of notable people from Nobel Peace Laureatte Betty Williams and Pro Surfers Lisa Andersen and Kelly Slater, to Rock Stars Eddie Money and Neil Giraldo and NBA Allstar Vince Carter.  Known for her innate skill at creating a welcoming atmosphere that allows every guest to be comfortable and speak with ease, Twinkle enables those she interviews to truly have their light shine on camera and have their authentic messages heard.

As a poet and writer, she has been called upon to craft celebratory and memorial pieces to be read in public and also used as meditations and rituals.

Twinkle, in her role as peace activist and women’s advocate, has been the keynote speaker at One Billion Rising in Concord for the past two years and spot at the World Peace Conference in 2012.  She has also spoke at two International Day of Peace events, one in Florida and one in Massachusetts.

In her personal and service life, Twinkle leads women’s workshops and rituals that celebrate the cycles of the Earth in the sacred feminine tradition.  She has co-taught cultural history classes exploring aspects of the Feminine Divine in relation to the indigenous cultures who honored the Earth; how they did so in ancient times – and how the do today.  She is the Creatrix of UU Women’s Heart and Founder of UU Women’s Leadership Institute.  Both to be unveiled in 2015.

Twinkle is the author of Intentional Visualization, and has created her own publishing branch with her colleague and friend Gary Broughman of CHB Media to publish anthologies, poetry, memoirs and more.  The first book: “Women of Spirit, Volume 1” will be released December 2014 under the umbrella of her Sojourn With Light Workers series.


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