Kiana Love

Kiana Love, Chapter Leader - NYC, NY

Kiana Love is one of our founding Hosts and Ambassadors for Empowering Women’s New York City Chapter.   She is the founder of Be Wild Woman.  She was first introduced to TV for Your Soul and our Empowering Women Movement by means of being our guest on a soon-to-be-released documentary and television series entitled The Goddess Show.  As her friendship grew with our Founder, “Twinkle” Marie Manning, it became clear to both of them, that Kiana would be a natural Empowering Women Ambassador, representing her home of NYC.

Kiana is passionate about helping women love their bodies & themselves. She specializes in supporting women’s recovery from trauma. She draws on her personal experience and knowledge of  trauma and shame that transformed during her journey to self love and joy.  She now supports and guides women on their journeys to healing, reclining their bodies, and cultivating self-love, self-trust, and joyful expression.

Kiana’s Be Wild Woman Program is facilitated both in individual one-on-one sessions as well as in groups.

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