Santa Barbara Hub

Our Santa Barbara Hub is emerging!


Above pictured: Empowering Women Santa Barbara Ambassador Hosts: Beth Amine, Jackie Ruka, Tia Walker                                         with “Twinkle” Marie Manning, Empowering Women’s Founder


We are delighted to welcome our first four Ambassador Hosts:

Beth Amine - Santa Barbara

Beth Amine, Ambassador Host on Empowering Women Santa Barbara


Tia Walker, Ambassador Host on                               Empowering Women Santa Barbara

Jackie Ruka

Jackie Ruka, Ambassador Host on Empowering Women Santa Barbara


IMG_5812 Ana Copy

Ana Aguilar, Host on Empowering Women            Santa Barbara

We are actively recruiting Hosts, Contributors, Event Planners, Guidance Council Members and Volunteers.

We were thrilled to be present at the 7th annual International Women’s Festivals March 2014!  On site with our producer Joseph P. Souza, we recorded interviews with over 30 women, including: Kelly Le Brock, Celeste Yarnall, Deepa Willingham, Razia Jan, Kim Castle, Sonia Marsh, Jennifer Conrad, Fee Johnson, Tracy Beard, JJ Johnson, Betty La Marr, Jane Applegate, Alisa DeLorenzo, Linda Newlin, Tracy Repchuk, Thyonne Gordon, Barbara Liss, Dr. Kathy Gruver, Lucia de Garcia, Emiliano Campobello, and many others amazingly empowering individuals.  Special thanks to Monique Rodriguez and Sophia Natalia for helping make our debut at the festival such a huge success!

The establishment of our Santa Barbara Hub was decided upon just prior to a trip Empowering Women’s founder “Twinkle” Marie Manning took to the west coast in 2012.  She participated on the expert media panel for the International Women’s Festivals and fell in love with this region.  Originally Santa Barbara was slated to become a Chapter of Empowering Women; we are delighted it has become one of our core and founding Hubs!


Patty DeDominic, Founder of the International Women's Festivals

Patty DeDominic, Founder of the International Women’s Festivals

Much appreciation to Patty De Dominic, Founder of the International Women’s Festivals and Chief Coach for DeDominic & Associates, for her wisdom and council to Founder “Twinkle” Marie Manning during the formative years of this Empowering Women movement.  Upon reading our Founder’s ambitious business plan,  Patty, who is a notable career and business adviser and author, encouraged “Twinkle” Marie to strengthen her base in her home town of Boston first before embarking on a full expansion.  During the almost two years since their initial conversations, “Twinkle” Marie Manning has followed this keen advice, along with creating relationships with those who desire to become team members and contributors in many other locations.  With several flagship events established in 2012 and 2013 in Boston, 2014 will see the model in play in its 2nd Hub of Santa Barbara.

Patty was instrumental in introducing “Twinkle” to Deborah Hutchison, Founder of Gusty Gals Inspire Me®.  The connection was made during the 2012 Women’s Festivals where Deborah was the moderator for the media panel.  Instant friendship was born!

Deborah Hutchinson and Marie Manning IMG_4924 copy CROP

Deborah Hutchison with “Twinkle” Marie Manning, International Women’s Festivals March 2012

Gusty Gals Inspire Me® , an independent and inspirational multi-media content company that aims to inspire girls and women across the world to be courageous, confident and have the desire to drive their own destinies. They do this by sharing stories about positive female role models of the past and present through films, awards and social media.   Gusty Gals Inspire Me®  partners with festivals, conferences and organizations  to give out Gutsy Gal Awards.   We are embracing this opportunity and partnering with Gusty Gals Inspire Me® to create a unique Empowering Women award to recognize the courageous individuals in the Empowering Women Movement.


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