Maine Authors Series – guest invitation

We are delighted to announce we will be recording additional episodes of Empowering Women TV‘s newest television productions: Maine Authors Series will begin recording sessions March 2022.

This Empowering Women series features Authors local to the State of Maine and will be filmed at local Maine studio locations. (for Authors outside of Maine, visit this page.

To view current episodes online, click HERE

Should you wish to be a guest on this show, please email the following to and include the following details:

❉ Place in the Subject: Empowering Women Maine Authors Series -Guest

In body of email include or attach as PDF:

❉ Your full name (and pen names as applicable);

❉ Your mini-bio (no more than three paragraphs); include your genre(s); 

❉ Summaries of your books (or links to them on a booksellers website);

❉ Link to your website(s);

❉ Tell us why you would like to be a guest on Empowering Women Maine Authors TV show, and what your experience and/or comfort level is in front of the camera.

NOTE: Interviews recorded in October 2021 will air beginning in March 2022, first shared widely with community media stations throughout Maine. After which episodes will be made available to more than 2,000 stations nationally, and then internationally, to air in their regions. All content will be uploaded on Empowering Women’s Youtube channel for accessibility to all, and so you may link to your website and press pages. Interviews fit into a 30 minute timeframe max.

Should you wish to curate your own talk show, event or series, reach out to us with your idea! We are especially eager to partner on our Signature Events and Salon Gathering platforms. For more information or to apply as a host, email:

Be Sure to Share Episodes far and wide!!