Empowering Women Maine Authors Sponsor Opportunities (Spring 2021 Season)

All Empowering Women TV Sponsors are listed on our website and social media pages, as well as credited in our online videos. Placement and prominence according to level of support.

For more information about the Maine Authors Series, click HERE.

To Enroll as a Sponsor, choose from the levels below for this program, return enrollment form from chosen level via email to: Productions@TVforYourSoul.com and send check, money order, or pay via appropriate Paypal link below.

Show Listing $500 per introductory season (sponsor is listed in rolling credits for each episode, as well as on websites and social media pages).

Would you like include your logo? The Listing+Logo rate is only $800.

Video Message Sponsor

We also offer a variety of video options we can customize depending on the level of exposure you wish to have in the show. Email productions@TVforYourSoul.com for more details about customization. Some options are listed below.

  • Customized 15 second underwriting message placed typically at end of each episode. These can be a simple PSA style with voice over announcing details about the supporting business, or they can be customized with b-roll to personalize the video in a way that captures the essence of the supporting business to the highest degree possible. PSAs start at 1,200. Customized videos start at $2,000.
  • If businesses or organizations already have their own creative 15 second video (that meets Community Media standards), they can enroll as a sponsor for $1,500 for the Spring 2021 season. 

We do accept limited and select Product Placement sponsors for both our in-studio productions as well as our special events. Each is subject to approval by our Executive Producer and must comply with community media guidelines. Some examples of Product Placement sponsors can include: ❉ Set furnishings (chairs, couches, stools, bookshelves, etc) ❉ Set accessories (coffee mugs, glasses, plants, flowers, etc) ❉ Set design, staging supplies and artwork ❉ Host’s clothing, jewelry, eyeglasses and other wearable accessories. Rates for these are negotiated on a case by case bases, visit website for details or contact Productions@TVforYourSoul.com

We welcome support from foundations and grants.